I sold my current RV. It was mostly due to not using it quite enough at this stage in my early retirement, but also due to some foresight – a desire to get a more rugged setup. Our plans are to travel the back roads, dirt roads and mountainous roads out West and we are still about two years away from that. I’ve got about that much more time before my last child is off to college or starts exploring Europe or South America. (He’s a teenager so that changes weekly.)  When I bought the RV, I over estimated my available time now. So, in the meantime why let this RV get very little use and just sit? This is part of my own DIAL – Assets and Lifestyle.

My 2008 Holiday Rambler Admiral 30 SFS was our first RV of any kind and it was a great one for us to learn on. I bought it for $52,000 back in May of 2017. Here’s what I learned selling it.


First and foremost, I overpaid for the RV. Looking back on it, I probably overpaid by almost $7,000 if I had to put a number to it.

Here’s what I attribute that to. Researching online, going to RV shows, going to RV dealers and checking out private party RV’s gets exhausting. Over the course of a year, I looked at hundreds of Class A’s, B’s, C’s, travel trailers, fifth wheels. My brain was so overwhelmed with RV information that it was overloaded. When I ended up finding the Holiday Rambler and it checked off all the boxes we were looking for, I eagerly jumped on it. Probably too eager. I was tired of searching and in the end, I was ready to shut the process down and purchase this one. My RV buying fatigue lead me to over pay.


Selling an RV in the winter months is not a great idea. Spring is by far the best time to sell. However, the RV was sitting in storage so why not try to sell it if we knew the time had come to shift gears and change our plans? That was my thought process.

I listed the RV on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and RV Trader. By far, I got more hits on Facebook than anywhere else. I paid for an ad on RV Trader for 60 days and got very little activity out of it.

Living in the mountains of NC, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. What I noticed was when the temperature was under 60 degrees, nobody seemed to care or think about shopping for an RV but once the temperature approached or went over 60 degrees, the activity level really picked up.

The RV Shoppers

The very first couple to come see the motorhome after I listed it was an 81 year old couple who had been RVing for the past 50 years. What a great story they had. Over their 50 years of RVing, they have owned over 50 RV’s. Each year, they purchase an RV early in the year and travel. At the end of each year, they sell the RV and repeat the process the next year. I found that to be fascinating. The wife walks into our RV and states “I thought we were done with RVing but nooooo, he wants to keep going.” (pointing to her husband.)

Everyone is coming for a deal and most will lowball the hell out of you. I listed the RV at first at $47,999 and then every two weeks started dropping the price. Finally, to $38,500. Even when I had it listed in the mid-40’s, I’d have people ask, “Would you be willing to take $30,000?”  That would be a big fat “No”. I also had a few trade requests.

People will waste your time. I had a local attorney contact me and schedule a time to see it. We showed up and waited for 15 minutes. Upon texting him, he replies that he meant to contact me to reschedule but he forgot. Other people showed up late and some not at all. I had to schedule my day around a showing, so it was frustrating to say the least. But, not having a day to day grind to go to, I guess you shouldn’t feel too bad for me.

In the end, I sold the RV for $36,000. The last time I took a beating like this is when I was in first grade and Rodney Parker hit me in the head with his metal six-million-dollar man lunchbox.

I am thrilled with the couple who now owns it. Their excitement is at par with what we felt when we first got it. The difference… they have the time to use it. As for us, we got in a long weekend here and there but our real open road traveling time is still not upon us.

This RV sale is over, and I have to say that I’m more prepared and informed when I buy the next one in a few years.

We live and we learn.

Live free my friends