What a wonderful trip. Tulum is a beautiful town and the people there are absolutely wonderful. We visited Mayan Ruins, cenotes, the beach, explored the town and just relaxed with mojitos.

The trip started off with a bang as I got pulled aside by a customs officer in Cancun as I was unaware that I couldn’t bring in more than 25 cigars without paying a tax on them. The tax turned out to be $290. WOW. Not fun. Lesson learned. (I really like my cigars but I’ll go without next time.)

When I booked the trip, I knew the town was about 3 miles from the beach so I wanted to stay somewhere that was between the two. We stayed at a small boutique hotel called the Teetotum hotel, which has four rooms. We were looking for a hotel that had a laid back vibe and the Teetotum fit that bill perfectly. The owner, Richard, is from New York and has done a wonderful job staffing the hotel with great employees who treat you like family. After long days in the sun, we always knew we could retreat back to the Teetotum for a cold beer. The rooms are spacious and the food was excellent. It’s quite the value compared to some of the resorts on the beach. I’d highly recommend it.

One of my first stops was to the dentist. I figured why not get some cheap dental work done while in Mexico. I had already booked an appointment with EuroDental in Tulum and when I arrived Tuesday morning, they were ready for me. The office had all of the modern equipment that you would see in any US dental office. My plan was to get four crowns while I was there but I was told that there would not be enough time since I was only in Tulum for a week and the lab would need longer than that. However, they could take care of a couple of cavities and do a cleaning. So I booked an appointment to return on Friday to get the work done.

I arrive for my appointment on Friday. The dentist I met with earlier in the week was not there but a very nice lady started the process of cleaning my teeth. After the cleaning, I see her prepping the novocaine shot and getting the tools ready. Next thing I know, she is the one injecting me with the shot, as the shot is coming down into my mouth, my first thought was “Oh no, I might have made a big mistake.” This is one of those shots you get in the front of your mouth that normally stings pretty bad but I felt zip, nada and nothing. The person who I thought was a dental hygientist and who still might be one, gave me the most pleasant novocaine shot I have ever gotten. The cavities were filled without a problem and I was free to go. What would have cost me over $600 in the states, cost me $125 in Mexico. I was extremely impressed.

We walked around Tulum during the day and we ventured out and walked around at night. We walked down dark streets and alleys at night and never once felt unsafe. There were police all over the place. Often times you would see a police truck, with two guys in the back dressed in all black, holding assault rifles which was certainly a sign of power. One night, Deb and I were on the Teetotum’s roof top area when some poor soul got pulled over by the police. Four police officers got out of the truck and walked up to the car, two of them holding assault rifles. It appeared to be a tourist and after about five minutes, he was released and drove off. (Probably to go home and change his pants.)

We never had a bad meal in Tulum as the food was delicious.

I know, maybe, twenty words of Spanish but we got along just fine.

One negative was that the beaches were covered in seaweed, which we were told that this happens every few years. Deb twisted my arm one day to go into the ocean with her, although there was not only seaweed lying on the beach but big clumps that you could see floating towards the beach. After about two minutes of being in the ocean fighting the seaweed and having a pennzoil oil container float into my leg, I was done.

The big question is would I move to Tulum. It’s a beautiful place but it is blowing up with tourists and people moving there. We were told that population has gone from 7000 people to over 30,000 in less than 10 years. I currently live in a city, Asheville NC, that has gone through a boom of people moving here and we prefer somewhere more quite. I will certainly go back and visit and you should, too, if you get a chance.

Next stop: Nicaragua

Live free my friends