The DIAL into Retirement System now has its own home at !

If you’ve been following along in the past you may likely know that DIAL stands for Debt, Income, Assets and Lifestyle and it’s the super simple system I created a few years back. Retirement planning shouldn’t be overly completed and it’s been my goal to simplify it. Often times financial advisors will walk you through the retirement planning process like they’re describing how a nuclear reactor works.

The simple truth is this: when you have your DIAL in tune, you can retire at any age.

Before now, DIAL could only be found in my book “Retire Early What are you waiting for?” or in the blogs here on Retire Early 365.  However, the DIAL system can work for anyone, at any age. That’s why I’ve created a site where it will stand alone for all to benefit from.

My Retire Early 365 site has always been about gaining your freedom and retiring early. The DIAL into Retirement site will still have the overall freedom theme but it will target folks of all ages. We’ll discuss topics on preparing yourself for retirement as well as how social security and Medicare work. The DIAL site will be heavier on investment products and concepts to educate you on options that you might never have considered or known about.  Knowing and understanding all your options will help you live a financially stress-free retirement.

What should your ideal DIAL look like?

Debt:  No debt
Income:  Multiple streams of income
Assets:  Assets that can create income, provide an emergency fund as well as provide for future expenses.
Lifestyle: A lifestyle based on frugality and living within your means.

A less than ideal DIAL doesn’t necessarily mean retirement is not an option. Having your DIAL in front of you will show you where you need to make adjustments and where to focus resources to get there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 50, 60 or 65 years old, once these four areas are in tune, you can retire and seize your freedom.


Next Thursday we will be launching the DIAL Subscriptions as well, which is an incredibly affordable way to ensure you are on your path to freedom.

I invite you to continue to follow along with me as we travel through the retirement planning process, making it fun and simple. Along the way we can get you DIAL-ed into your own Retirement and get you on the path to freedom.

Live free my friends