I’m super excited that Saturday December 1st is almost here. Why? Because that’s launch day for the new Retire Early Online Course!

The course is packed with over 4 hours of videos that allow you to go through your early retirement planning at your own pace.

After I completed writing the book “Retire Early What are you waiting for?” in October 2017, I’ve continued to learn new ideas and ways that people are taking control of their lives and retiring early. In the book, I discuss what you need to have in line in order to retire early.  In the “DIAL into Early Retirement” online course, we take it to another level. You’ll go through the simple steps with videos and a digital worksheet to determine if you can retire early and if not, what areas you’ll need to work on. The program was built to be cookie cutter simple, and you can’t get “lost”. I walk you through the process step-by-step with videos, commentary, and there is even a live forum so you can comment, discuss, and ask questions.

“DIAL into Early Retirement” Online Course

When you purchase the course you’ll get:

  • An online home base and library where you can access specific tutorials regarding retiring early.
  • Carefully created videos, properly organized for you to follow along.
  • Over 4 hours of step by step videos and guides
  • Clarity on your financial future and options for retiring early
  • Done at your own pace materials, accessible anytime 24/7 so the process is easy and convenient for you
  • Questionnaires and forms so your answers are clear and easy to reference anytime
  • Lifetime access to Private Retire Early 365 Discussion Facebook Group.
  • Unlimited Opportunity to ask Questions and get answers in the interactive forum
  • Lifetime Access to all materials
  • Bonus Modules for buyers at launch

Here’s another piece of good news. This is just the start of the course as I’ll be adding more content to it moving forward so when you purchase the course, you’ll receive all of the future updates like:

√ How to access your retirement money prior to 59 ½?
(This will include details and examples of how 72T and the age 55 rule work.)

√  How to adjust the risk on your investments before you retire.

√   How to change your growth portfolio to an income producing portfolio.

√  And many more that I’m working up…

The “DIAL into Early Retirement” Online Course is set to launch December 1

If you got on the Cyber Monday pre-sale list, the course is $197 with your special code.

If you didn’t, no worries, you can still get the course for a huge discount at $247 between now and December 31st.

Beginning January 1st the course will become normally priced at $347.

Also, If it is more convenient, you can enroll in the course and split it up over two separate payments. My main goal is to help as many folks get free as possible, so I’m always thinking about ways to empower and enable you to take action towards your goals.

Are you ready to:
–> Take control of your life?
–> Seize your freedom?
–> And retire early with confidence?

This course is the first step you need to take in order to get your finances in order and get a plan.

Come December 1st, let’s rock and roll!

Live free my friends