We all have fallen into a trap. It’s the same trap that our parents fell into and maybe even our grandparents. So what is this trap?

At age 18, we graduate from high school and do one of three things: Go to college, go to the military or go to work.

Along the way, we meet that special someone, get married and have a few children.

Around age 45, we look up and say “Retirement is ONLY 20 years away, I can do this.

We retire at age 65 and now we can finally travel and do those things we’ve been waiting all of these years to do.

At age 75, you slow down and you start thinking. “I wish I had done this or that” but you never had the time because you worked so much.

You have time to rewrite your own story.

I’m going to teach and educate you on how to retire early. I’m also going to explore how people are living when they do retire early. Some folks are moving to Costa Rica or Thailand to stretch their money further. Some are hitting the roads full-time in RVs whereas others are living on their boats and sailing the Caribbean.

Life is short and freedom is within your reach. Come along with me on the journey.

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