Welcome to first blog post in a series of many.

So What is this Blog all about?

Mentally I’m “setting the table” to help as many people as I can with my upcoming Book “Retire Early…What are you waiting for?”

This blog is the pulse of this project, but it won’t be limited to just the book. After all, what we are really talking about here is LIFESTYLE. So this blog will serve as many things for you on your road towards Retiring Early.

The idea and the book have been a passion of mine for a while now, and it’s so exciting bring forth into shape the things that I have to share with you.

Speaking of you. Who ARE you?

Maybe you are an employee, a business owner, a parent, a hard worker, a planner, a family person. Maybe you are a loner who wants to travel. Maybe you are someone with great intentions who needs a roadmap to a better future. Maybe you already know what you need to do to help your family, you just need to know HOW to do it!

And you do deserve to know how to win at this game called Life.

The value I feel bringing this book out to the public isn’t just based on exciting information – it’s based on experiences. My own experiences. My own plans and my own observations.

I’m working on updating one half of the book while my editor is digging in on the other. Final drafts should be ready soon.

Boy am I excited.

More soon…