Five years. It’s been five years since I last took a week vacation. That disgusts me when I think about it. The days, weeks and months have flown by and it was just recently that I sat back and thought about the last time I actually took a full week of vacation. There were long weekends and weeks I took off four or five days but not a full week. I bet many of you have done the same thing. You’re guilty of putting your head down, focusing on work and before you know it, years have gone by.

You’ll notice that the title of this blog is “Scouting Trip #1 Tulum Mexico“. Scouting trips like what I am doing in Tulum right now (yes at this moment!) are to experience and explore the area to see if we want to move there. Over the next 2 ½ years, while I still have kids at home, my plan is to take scouting trips to various Central and South America countries to see where Deb and I might be interested in moving to. Tulum is first on the list. I’m thinking Nicaragua will be the next stop, later this year.

My daughter, Kate is 18 and my son Frank, is 16 years old. Once both of them are off to college, our plan are to roam the country side in the RV so we can make trips home when the kids are out of college for holiday’s and summer breaks. This will also give us a few years of narrowing down the list of which foreign country we want to move to and allow us to go and stay a month or so at a time.

When moving to a foreign country, it’s best to do your homework. There have been couples who have gone to Costa Rica for the first time, stayed for a week and fell in love with it. They’ve gone home and sold everything and moved there only to fall out of love with it and move back in a year. You really want to travel around and rent for a while before you decide to buy in a foreign country.

Back to Tulum… while I’m down here I plan on having some dental work done, four crowns to be exact. My local dentist charges $1250 per crown and in Tulum, I was referred to a dentist that charges $375 per crown. I’ll give an update on that experience when I get back.

Live free my friends.