When planning your early retirement, the key is to make sure you have all the areas of your DIAL (Debt, Income, Assets and Lifestyle) in order and working together. Looking at your income, this could be a fixed withdrawal from an investment account, pension, or an annuity. Based on that, you need to determine if your income will cover your expenses in retirement. If you find your income does not cover your expenses, you have an income gap. At this point, you need to get a plan in place to fill that gap. You can try and squeeze more income from your assets, a part-time job… or you may be able create income from a passion.

If your passion is writing, or if you are passionate enough about something to write about it, there are many ways to generate income. Here are just a few ideas that could help you close an income gap through writing:

Write a book

Now unless you’re J.K. Rowling, John Grisham or some other famous author, you’re likely not going to make a lot of money writing a book.   In the traditional publishing world there are rules here and there that need to be followed and it takes longer to get a book out. You’ll also be sharing a portion of the profits with the publisher unless you chose to self-publish.  However, it’s possible that you could make enough money to cover a small income gap. Writing a book can also provide you with credibility for other projects on the same topic.

Write eBooks

In the eBook world, you create the rules. I’ve seen eBooks that were 30 pages long and others that were hundreds of pages. It is possible to write an eBook and upload it for the masses to purchase in a matter of weeks. I read about a guy who had over 150 eBooks listed on Amazon. He wrote about half of the books and he contracted with writers on Fiverr (see below) to write the other books. In the end, he made a pretty good income off those 150 eBooks which still pay him today.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can either hire someone to do a task for you or you can offer up your services. If you’re a writer, there are many different categories that you can participate in. You can offer services like ghostwriting articles, books and eBooks.  Perhaps you enjoy creative writing or you’re more of a technical writer, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money on Fiverr on your own terms.

Write a blog

If you would like to share a passion or hobby with others, a blog can be a fun way to do it. When I first learned people make money writing a blog my first reaction was “How in the hell are they doing this?” Then I figured out they were doing it with affiliate marketing, receiving a commission for selling a product, either your own or someone else’s. There are bloggers that are making thousands and thousands of dollars a month from blogging. The recipe for all of them seem to be the same. First, pick a topic that interests you. Write articles and content about this topic. Build an audience up. Introduce affiliate marketing. Once you start making money, then you could choose to expand and start offering courses and memberships on “How I make X $’s blogging monthly.”  So, you go from discussing your topic to then also teaching others how to monetize a blog. The real money seems to be in the last step as there are so many folks wanting to build some income online on their own terms. I’ve oversimplified it, it is harder than it sounds. Still, a blog with affiliated marketing can bring in helpful income to fill a gap.

Write articles

There are thousands of publications that will pay you to write articles and blog posts for them. For example, I was approached by a publication you have likely heard of called International Living to write an article after reading my blogs. I was thrilled and happy just for the exposure. After it was published, I was greatly pleased to receive a very nice deposit in my PayPal account. (I’m gonna be re-posting that blog in the coming weeks so you can see which one it was as an example)

Rather than just throw ideas and raw information at you, I like to include actual helpful resources. Here’s a link to a site called MoneyPantry who lists 101 sites who will pay you for blog posts.


Just think, if you can submit two articles a week, and they end up being used, you could make $400-$4000 a month. The amount depends on how much the publications pay.

You also don’t have to be John Steinbeck or Jane Austen in your writing. Just be you and communicate your point well.

If you enjoy writing, there’s never been a better time to look at making some money from it. It could help fill an income gap, build your assets, emergency fund or cushion.

The best part is, it’s not location dependent. You can write from home, from the road or halfway around the world.

Live free my friends