Happy New Year!

The book is complete and next I’m shopping printers and release dates!

The first section of the book is the “How To” retire early that everyone is messaging me asking about.

In the second section we’ll discuss areas such as healthcare and social security.

In the last section we’ll discuss lifestyles some people are living when they retire early such as mobile lifestyles, simplified living, and expats living in foreign countries.

So what can you expect to be discussed in the blog moving forward?

  • Specific “How to” tips such as accessing your money from your retirement accounts prior to 59 ½, healthcare costs, budgeting for retirement, etc.
  • We’ll explore mobile lifestyles such as full-time RVers or living full-time on a boat.
  • We’ll also look at simplified living, which might include tiny house living, downsizing to smaller homes, or off-grid living.
  • We’ll take a look at expats living in foreign countries and how they are stretching their money much further.

We’ll start with a blog once or twice a week and then we’ll expand from there. One blog might be an interview with an expat in Mexico, the next might be on RVing, and the next on Roth IRA’s so be prepared to jump around but everything will be supporting retiring early!

Please post questions on any blog post comment section and I’ll try to address them in future blogs.

Buckle up and let’s get going…we’ve got lives to design!