From the start, when I conceived of writing the book, my goal has been to make the retirement planning process simple for others. So much so that folks could even learn how to strategically retire EARLIER.

From that came the DIAL into Retirement System™.  Your Debt, Income, Assets and Lifestyle (your “DIAL”) today will shape your tomorrow.  By making the process of collecting and reviewing the necessary numbers simple, you will be able to understand what you need to do today to make retiring before 65 a reality.

Coming soon, I’ll be releasing a full online course which is called “DIAL into Early Retirement”.   This course will get you on the right track to retiring on your terms and timing.

In the course, I will walk you through what you need to do in order to be confident in your retiring early decision making process.  Using short videos, questions in the modules, and the DIAL digital worksheet, you’ll uncover if you’re on the right track to an early retirement… or if you have work to do and in what areas.

  • What does it take in order for you to retire early?
  • Uncover your Debt and layout a plan to put it in order.
  • Determine whether or not you’ll have an Income gap when you retire.
  • Are your Assets enough to get you through retirement?
  • How will your Debt, Income, and Assets shape your Lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to retire now or do you still have some work to do?

You’ll get the full online course which includes any future updates PLUS added bonus material.

  • How will retiring early affect your social security?
  • What about health insurance when you retire early?
  • What are the lifestyles that are affording people an early retirement?

Right now I’m publishing the content to my site and getting ready to launch!

I’m also creating a special offer for a very short promotional period right when the course launches and you can drop your name on the list to receive that discount promo HERE.