It’s official. As much as I don’t feel it, I turn 50 years young on Sunday December 30th. The days and weeks have been slow whereas the years have flown by.

50 does not feel any different than when I turned 40. Turning 40 didn’t feel any different than turning 30. It all comes down to how you look at the world. I know some “old” 50-year old’s and I choose not to be one of those. I’m thankful that I’ve arrived at this half century mark with a pretty well-preserved body (except for the extra 40 lbs). I keep myself mentally stimulated by learning about the little things I always wondered about or about the bigger things like the ways people are choosing to live.

Retirement shouldn’t be age based. Rather, it should be about getting your DIAL (Debt, Income, Assets and Lifestyle) in order. Once you are tuned in you can retire at any age. Now that I’m 50, my favorite saying is “50 is the new 40”.  Retiring early gave those 10 years back to me and I’m not going to see them wasted.

At some point in the future, which might be 20, 30 or 40 years from now, my body or mind might give out on me. Until that time, I’m going to keep feeding my brain and keep going as fast as I can in order to get in everything I want to see and do.

Over the years, I’ve tended to shy away from my birthday. I do not like being the center of attention and would prefer the day to come and go with little fanfare.

This year is a bit different because I want to share my birthday with you.

Eric Gaddy - Fourth Birthday

Me at my 4th birthday party. Since retiring early, I still feel like that same kid inside.

Eric Gaddy - Fourth birthday party

Retiring Early is about freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want and from where you want. It’s not about going home and dozing in your recliner all day. It’s about taking control of your life.

Retiring Early takes preparation. Knowing when you can retire early or what you need to work on in order to get retired early takes putting together a plan.

This Sunday December 30th, for one day only on my 50th bday, you’ll be able to purchase the DIAL into Early Retirement online course for just $197. No coupon code needed.  

On December 31st the price will be $247

On January 1st, the course goes to its full price of $347.

If you need to get your retiring early plan together, this is a must have course. I do not plan to offer the course at this low price ever again. As a retirement planning expert, I’ve poured 24 years of experience into over 4 hours of video courses. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the retiring early process and you’ll answer questions in a simple DIAL worksheet, collecting the needed info to get clear on your future. In the end, you’ll know whether you can retire early with confidence, and if not, what areas you need to work on to get there.

I look forward to helping you seize your freedom and living your life on your terms.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get the Course on Sunday for almost half price, lets celebrate our youth together, and get you on the path to your own journey into freedom.

Live free my friends