Almost two years ago, I set out to find the “perfect” RV and boy did my head start spinning very quickly. Part of the problem was I was a total newbie when it came to RV’s. The other problem is that my long-time girlfriend Deb and I couldn’t agree on what we wanted or needed.

Once you jump into the world of looking to buy an RV be prepared for information overload. Starting off, I knew enough to be dangerous. Being a guy, of course I set my sights high as I announced to my girlfriend that we needed a 40-foot diesel pusher. So off we went to RV shows, RV dealerships and countless hours on craigslist looking for the ideal 40-foot diesel pusher.

The problems started almost immediately as we made our way to the used RV dealerships. We’d pull up to the dealership and I’d jump out of the car and head over to the diesel pushers while Deb would head off to the bargain bin RV’s. Every used RV dealership has a backrow of “cousin Eddie” RV’s. (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Reference) You know the ones. When you look at them you are amazed they actually still run and are held together with duck tape. After making my way through the awesomeness of rigs with 400hp, 4 slide outs and more room than I know what to do with, I was brought quickly back to earth admiring a 1985 Bounder gasser with 150,000 miles and a major case of delamination going on. I would always get the response from Deb “But honey, this is all we need.” We were miles apart.

Driving down the road, I must admit, that I never noticed or paid attention to RV’s but once you are in the market for one, they’re everywhere. We’d drive the highway and way up ahead, I’d see a beater of an RV, muffler dragging the ground and I knew what was coming next. “That’s all we need.” Geez, there it is again… will it ever stop?

The more I investigated, the more I started to figure out that the diesel pusher was probably not going to be the perfect fit for me at this moment. I was told by more than one person that they are not good to sit for long stretches, which it would. For about three years, I wouldn’t be able to take off for a month or two. Until my kids go off to college, I’ll be more of a weekend warrior with quick trips here and there. So… my dreams dashed for the time being, I decide to go smaller.

Now that was an adventure.

RV’s are not really built with the tall person in mind. At 6’6, I hit my head on doorframes, ceilings, air conditioning vents and cabinets. Don’t get me started on the showers. I got to the point where we would go to RV shows and I’d walk in and go directly to the shower and test it out. And the beds. I’m used to my feet hanging off the end of the bed but not my feet, shin and knee. What do they make those mattresses out of?

I’m sure you are wondering, what did we end up with? I found a 2008 Holiday Rambler Admiral 31 foot class A gasser with 22,000 miles on craigslist. It checked most of the boxes I was looking for as I realized that I wasn’t going to find the “perfect” RV. But I found the perfect RV for us and how we plan on using it for the next couple of years… it’s perfect for now.

I’m glad we were able to settle and the buying process is done. For about six months, my mind was spinning and just cluttered with RV’s. Now I’m focused on where should we go?

However, still to this day, when we pass an old beater of an RV on the highway, I still get “Honey, that’s all we need.”