Give me a few hours and an open mind and I’ll get you on your path to getting Retired Early.

Now we are not talking about magic, pie in the sky, overnight success. None of that B.S. Depending on your financial situation it very well could take a few years to execute the special plan needed make it happen, but if you want it bad enough, I’ll get you on the path to your early retirement.

Here are my numbers: 24, 48 and 8000

What are these?

I spent 24 years as a financial advisor and retirement planning specialist. 

I retired at the age of 48. I enjoy educating individuals and couples and that is why I continue to do so. Not as a financial advisor but as a coach on my own terms.

I’ve met with over 8000 individuals and couples. Mostly for retirement planning but also for debt issues, college planning and planning for large purchases. I met with people on all types of financial matters. I pride myself as a financial educator and problem solver.

I have found that the most forgotten area of retirement planning is the lifestyle plan. A person needs to have that in order first. Do you want to simplify your life? Travel? Relocate across the country or to another country.

Your financial numbers need to be in sync to your lifestyle plan. Do you have enough to retire now or do you still have some work to do? Do you need to take time to pay off debt or increase your assets? How much time?

Who I Can’t Help

  • Someone who has a plan to retire to the recliner and spend their days watching The Price is Right and Andy Griffith reruns. If you aren’t going to be doing something that keeps your mind and body going when you retire early, then you’re better off not retiring.


  • If your personality resembles Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, keep on moving on. I want to work with happy and positive people who have a “can do” attitude.


If you’re serious about retiring early, now is the time to get your DIAL in tune. Now is the time to get the coaching and financial expertise help you need to make a confident and informed decision.

Retire early isn’t some pipe dream. With careful planning, you can achieve it. If this is your goal, don’t let another five years go by because the next thing you know, you’ll be 65 years old saying “I wish I would have…”

You’re on the clock. We all are. Time to be sure you write your story the way you want it to go.

Live free my friends

Speaking of living free, I have been running a limited time promotion to help folks get on that path.

==>It ends tomorrow, Saturday May 11 which means you only have ONE DAY to claim these tremendous offers<==

First – I have reduced the price of my Retire Early Online Course from $347 to only $99.


Here’s the link

Here’s what the course offers:

  • Get to know your own DIAL in a simple, step-by-step approach (Debt, Income Assets, Lifestyle)
  • Over four hours of video content where I walk you through the process of knowing whether you can retire early now or if you still have some work to do (and what that work is).
  • A copy of my “Retire Early What are you waiting for?” workbook that is in a fillable PDF format.
  • A review of Health Insurance options with regards to retiring early.
  • A review of Mobile, Expat and Simplified lifestyles discussion and much more.

At the end of the course, you’ll be much better informed on your overall financial picture. You’ll be much more prepared for the lifestyle you plan on living in retirement and know if and when you can retire.

As an added bonus, I’m throwing in a 45-minute consultation by phone or Zoom video chat. During the call, we’ll discuss what’s on your mind. It can be your DIAL and retirement plan, or you might have questions on your 401k, brokerage accounts or income planning. It’s your 45-minutes to ask away.

You get the online course and a 45-minute consultation all for just $99.

Take a moment to let that sink in. 24 years of experience, condensed into a step-by-step course, including a 45 minute consult – all for less than half the price of one single hour of my normal consult rate. Some folks are even mad at me for offering it this low, but I’m determined to help as many folks get traction NOW as I can, instead of folks staying stuck in that “fixing to get ready” mindset which says “I’ll get that squared away later.” Of course later always comes but we rarely follow through.

Second – My “Ask Eric” hourly consulting fee is down almost half price to $99 for a limited time.

Here’s the link

After this offer ends, the rate is going to a normal price of $199/hr. 

If you’ve ever paid a financial advisor by the hour, the rates tend to be between $200-$400 an hour.

You can buy an hour to discuss your retiring early plan or ask any financial related questions. You can buy four hours at this low rate, use an hour now and use the other hours later in the year. I do have one of my investment licenses active and can give you specific advice, however, I do not sell any financial products and this service is advice only. My only goal is to help you succeed.

This double-offer promotion is a limited time and it will not last long – it ends this Saturday May 11th.