Retiring at age 55 years old has a different look and feel than retiring at 65  and that’s because it is different.

To pull off a successful early retirement, you need three things:


1. An Open Mind

Open your mind and you open your world.  The word retirement has many definitions.  There is the Webster’s dictionary definition, there is society’s definition and then there is your definition.  Feel free to color outside of the lines and create your own way of defining what your retirement looks like to you.  Have an open mind.  You may need to be a little more frugal, but that does not mean you need to limit adventure. When I tell some people that I want a little off-grid cabin in the woods as a home base and then I want to roam around the country in a RV and spend extended periods of time in Mexico or Colombia, South America, they look at me like I’ve just lost my mind.  These are all ways to make my limited resources last, while not holding me back.  Live your definition of early retirement and not somebody else’s.  Open your mind and the possibilities of early retirement are endless.


2. Get a Plan (Actually, get two)

The first plan I would suggest is to figure out what type of lifestyle you plan on living in retirement?  Are you going to have a more mobile lifestyle? Move to a foreign country? Relocate in the United States? You’ll need to figure out what your lifestyle is going to be and how much will it cost you? 

The second plan is your financial plan. How much will you need in retirement? I can tell you the exact amount you’ll need if you tell me the day you’re going to die. Obviously, we don’t know specific details on what your health is going to look like in ten years or how long you will live so we must prepare as though you’re going to live to age 100. This is why I created DIAL system which looks at your Debt, Income, Assets and Lifestyle. When you get these four areas in order, you can retire at any age.  Getting your DIAL in order may take a few years or your DIAL might be in good shape today.  

Getting your plans in order shouldn’t happen two weeks prior to you retiring.  If anything, it should be two years or longer to give yourself enough time to get your lifestyle and your financial plans in sync.


3. Confidence 

Your mind is open, your financial and lifestyle plans are in order, now you just need the confidence to get your early retirement started. Retiring early can bring about a lot of pressure. Pressure from society saying you should continue to work until you’re 65, if not beyond.  Often times there is pressure from family, friends and co-workers telling you “just keep working” and “play it safe”. To pull off a successful early retirement you must have the confidence to retire early, know you can pull it off and ignore the naysayers. Believe me, I see it and I’ve heard it. I get a lot of comments where I can tell the person has just settled into the idea that they have to work until they’re 65 and older. They don’t question it and just continue to fall in line like a good ol’ worker bee. These folks tend to not be able to think “outside of the box” and are just content on living their life just as society has it planned for them.  If that’s what you want, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t complain when you’re still working beyond age 65. (There are some very lucky folks that absolutely love their career and continue working because they want to not because they have to.)

Confidence should come from knowing you have a solid financial and lifestyle plan. However, if you don’t feel confident in your plan then you’ll need your financial advisor, CPA or someone like me, who specializes in getting people retired early, to review your plan and give you the confidence that you need to avoid too much worry.

Ok now that your mind is open, your plans are solid, and you have the confidence to move forward with your early retirement.  What are you waiting for?

Live free my friends

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